Ameri WordPress Theme

AmeriWP is a simple magazine style WordPress theme with generic design suitable for various niches.



  1. Unique featured content slider
  2. Well-styled typography and HTML elements
  3. Portfolio Page
  4. Image and Video Galleries
  5. Built-in AJAX contact form
  6. Shortcodes that allow you to create columns, pullquotes, message boxes, tabbed-content and more.
  7. Advanced Theme Options panel (details below)


Before installing the theme, please read the instructions here to make sure you will get the theme up and running. A few very easy extra steps has to be taken in order for several theme features to work.

Theme Options

Under “Appearance”, you will find the “Theme Options” link. This provides you ease of customization. The image manager and media manager allows you to easily upload and manager image, video, and other media files which you can use in your theme. The options are sorted into six categories:

General Settings

Graphic Logo- The suggested size for the image is height of 60 pixels or less and width of 450 pixels or less. To upload an image, click the  icon. A pop-up window will appear which allows you to upload and manage theme related images. Empty this field to use text logo.

Website Logo - Appears as logo if no image logo is specified. To use secondary color, wrap the portion of the text with <em></em> tags.

 Website Description - Appears below the Website Title.

Default Field Values – Text box and text areas in this theme such as search box, post/page reply fields and contact fields can be set to have default values. The default value appears in the text box/area when the field is blank. When the field is focus, the default value automatically disappears.

Copyright Information - Text that appears at the footer. You may use link <a></a> tags. For HTML special characters, wrap the keyword with braces (example: &[copy];)

Show Page Details - Show or hide author and date on page view.

Show Page Comments - Show or hide user comments on page view.

Bookmarks Settings

 The options under this category allows you to hide or show the bookmark icons and set their link URLs. The options include Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and Newsletter links.

Featured Slider Settings

Show Featured Slider - Hides and displays the featured slider from the homepage.

Featured Category - The category name of the featured posts. This means, you have to create a category in which all featured posts will be classified.

Number of Featured Posts - Number of featured posts slide to display.

Auto-slide Featured Content - Enables and disables auto-sliding of featured content on page load.

Auto-slide Interval - The amount of time each slide is displayed before moving to the next slide (in seconds).

Featured Video Settings

Show Featured Video - Hides and displays the featured video from the sidebar.

Section Title - Title of the Featured Video section.

Video Player Root - Complete URL of flvplayer.swf Location.

Video Player Settings - FLV Video Player’s preferences such as width, height, and background colors (in hexadecimal). The width and height of the player must be number of pixels. The colors can be set using the color picker pop-up.

Featured Video FLV - The URL of the FLV file to be played. Clicking the  icon shows the media manager pop-up window. This allows you to upload and manage media files.

Featured Video Image - The URL of the image file to be used as default screen. Clicking the  icon shows the image manager pop-up window. This allows you to upload and manage image files.

Featured Video Information - Text (i.e. description) that appears below the video player.

Popular Posts Settings

Show Popular Posts - Hides and displays the popular posts from the sidebar.

Section Title - Title of the Popular Posts section.

Number of Popular Posts - Number of popular entries to dislay.

Show Post Thumbnails - Hides and displays the thumbnail of each popular post.

Post Thumbnail Dimensions - Width and height of the post thumbnails in pixels.

Show Post Details - Hides and displays the details of each popular post.

Advertisement Settings

Show 468×60 Ad - 468×60 banner ad that appears at the top right corner of the page.

468×60 Ad Details - The link URL and URL of the banner image of the advertisement. By clicking the  icon next to the image URL field, you open up the image manager window which allows you to upload and manage image files.

Show 125×125 Ads - 125×125 banner ads that appear within the left sidebar.

125×125 Ad Details - Click the “New Item” link to add an item. Then you must enter the link URL and URL of the banner image of each advertisement. You may use the image manager window to upload and manage image files. To access the image manager window, simply click the  icon next to the image URL field. Maximum of 8 banners may be placed. To reorder the items, simply drag and drop the boxes.

2 Comments on "Ameri WordPress Theme"

  1. Rodrigo says:

    how integrate the theme with google analytics and google adsense???

    • admin says:

      You’re gonna have to edit the *.php files. For Google Analytics, attach your analytics code in footer.php. For Adsense, whereever you need the ads to appear (content.php, sidebar.php, etc.).

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